How it works


As you enter the orchard you purchase picking bags. The bags cost $1.00 for a peck bag or a half bushel bag.

When you finish picking, you pay for the apples that you have picked as you leave the orchard. The charges are $15 for a full peck bushel bag and $30 for a full half bushel bag.

The charge is pro-rated, so if you do not fill the bag you only pay for what you have picked. We only count apples in the bag - apples that you eat in the orchard are ‘no-charge’.

  • Events require prior appoval
  • ‘Harvesting’ bags of apples and leaving them behind is NOT OK.
  • Please treat our apples with care and respect, and enjoy a great day on the farm!
  • I love NY First Year Winner of the "I LOVE NY" tourism award

    bring old cellphone
    Bring a cell phone for Cell Phones for Soldiers in memory of Cpl. Justin R. Garcia and get a fresh Apple Donut with our thanks!

    IPM Cornell Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques allow us to use natural cycles to produce great apples with minimal use of man-made materials.